We are AGROPANONKA-INVEST Customs Brokerage Service

Customs brokerage is the regulatory clearance of shipments and the delivery of goods across international borders for organizations and individuals.

You need a Customs broker with regulatory compliance expertise and encyclopedic knowledge of Customs laws. You need a Customs broker with over 20 years of experience to help you navigate the perils of intellectual property rules, regulations, and product classifications all while demonstrating reasonable care throughout your total business process.

You need Agropanonka - Invest .

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National & international transport

Intercontinental logistic

Our job is that your goods and cargo enter / leave our customs territory in compliance with a fearsome line-up of rules, regulations, and laws from a formidable list of government departments, bureaus, and agencies.

We educate clients about customs regulations

We guid goods through customs

We determine tariff and duty payments

Our Customs Brokers are a licensed professionals. We possess an up-to-date knowledge of government trade regulations, requirements and restrictions regarding shipments.

We prepar and submit the customs documents

We prepare the accompanying documentation (EUR1,CMR..)

We have a Customs warehouse for your goods

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